For every store it’s mandatory to have a online store nowadays.
Creating a complete new CMS for a webshop/e-commerce is allot of expensive work, just think ask yourself these questions:

  • What payment options are there? And what are the costs of the payments?
  • How should we price our products?
  • What should our color scheme be for our brand? What about the logo?
  • Which domain name should we get?
  • Where do we get customers? How do we use advertisements?
  • Do we need to hire a fulltime coder / designer to help us?
  • How to build an online store from scratch?
  • What is the best way to design my product pages?

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

The use of Prestashop is perfect for almost every webshop! We can create a module for every need of a webshop.
On our Prestashop addon store page you can find some of our custom made modules.

The design of a webshop is one of the most important things! If people think your webshop looks fake or scummy, the customer might not buy anything. That’s why we design custom made templates for your project.

Interested in starting a webshop? Dont hesitate to contact us!